Leadership and Vision: Reflections from PETS 2024

Rancho Cucamonga President, Rick Gomez had the privilege of representing our club at the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS), alongside other Rotary leaders.

The seminar was an opportunity to deepen our understanding of Rotary’s mission and to connect with fellow Rotarians. It was a moment to advance knowledge and skills and set new goals and objectives for our club’s future development and success.

Take a good look at this photo to see next year’s President. Stephanie Ulrich is a distinguished member of the Rotary Club of McMurray, Pennsylvania, USA, and the nominee for President of Rotary International for 2024-25. She brings a vision of resilience and a focus on regionalization to lead Rotary in addressing today’s challenges and advancing service and peace.

Armed with new knowledge and goals, we’re energized for a successful 24-25 that will make a real impact in our community and beyond.